CutCo Knives - June 2003

At some point in our lives, we allhave to try the unsolicited sales route, and Matt has joined the ranks. He’s selling CutCo knives, and of course I agreed to be a typical potential customer. After warning him about how much people shy away from all sales call these days, and detailing my rather low-income results selling encyclopaedias in Nova Scotia, I prepared myself for the worst.

What I got was a big surprise.

These knives are truly unbelievable, in every aspect. When Erica bought me my Chef Tony knives, I was pretty happy. No more sharpening, for sure. Not the prettiest knives, but hey, whatever works. And they do work. Of course, the “fine surgical steel” is starting to show miserable rust spots all over, but I should be able to return them under the lifetime guarantee, right? Right?

Anyway, it’s a different story with the CutoCo knives. Matt had me compare my favorite knives in a blade-to-blade competition, and the CutCo knives (every one of them, even the steak knives) cut through everything like hot butter, while I had to saw with the Miracle Blades to cut through the same material.

Of course, the true test isn’t how fast I can cut through leather, so we pulled out some tomatos. My Henckels chef’s knife, which hasn’t been sharpened recently... well, if I had pushed harder the tomato would have exploded. The Miracle Blade cut through quite easily with a few strokes. The CutCo blade? Man, one light cut and a perfectly thin, dripless slice fell of the red ball. And on it went, demo after demo.

I will definitely be buying a few knives; I can’t spend that kind of money right now for a full set, even though they are gorgeous. But just like I’ve put away my Henckels for the Miracle Blades, now too those blades will be put away and I will only need my new CutCos.

The type of “review” I’ve been posting here is changing... I’ve veered off into the lengthy, verbose, boring side with that article on The Hollies. The whole purpose of “Reel Short” is to give you a quick idea of whether the movie is worth seeing or not, from my perspective. While it is true that I tend to be more lenient than other people—because I really like The Movies—I think it works when you hear it from a good friend, whose tastes your are at least sort-of familiar with.

But sometimes there is a need to know more, and on my part an urgency to speak out on something I really hold close. When it comes to music and bands, rock ‘n roll has played a big part in my life. So I want to tell you what it was like for me. And I would imagine there are going to be other things that require more than just a couple of paragraphs.

So bear with me (bare?) and at least rest comfortably knowing that however banal my articles might be, at least it’s new content for the site.

All that being said, the bottom line is that this Reviews page has become the jumping-off point for a number of links to different types of reviews, and articles from different members of our family.


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