RILEY Family

One thing we all have in common is a true love of good food. Some may say we are snobs; I prefer to think we are just... experienced. For example, there is a restaurant in quaint town called Bloomfield, near Picton, where we summer every year. I won’t name it, but you should know it receives 5 Stars every year from the critics. It has an immense and very expensive wine list. You should also know that while the food is just dandy, and you will have five people waiting on you at all times, you could starve to death... one meal consisted of five medallions of pork smaller than a Loonie, about 12 peas, and a sparse (but lovely looking) root salad. What a waste of effort and money.

Here we believe that good food is good food, and it should be shared... and the more, the better. So check out what the rest of us are cooking, and enjoy.