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August 19, 2002

Alright everyone.. I went and saw Triple X in theatres the other day and for starters it is a Must See movie.  Everyone would think that Vin Deisel would be a no emotion, all no-talk action hero who knows cars. But honestly he did a GREAT job.. The movie was filled with action, cars, jokes, plot... Helped by Samuel L Jackson,  the combo Put the movie together...  It was an american james bond.  No joke it had the quality to run with 007.  I told myself that the new 007  "Die another Day": has to be something really good if it wants to sell again this movie.

And of coarse some movies have flaws.. #1 it was like a  PG-13 movie... so NO SEX... NON!!... and also it had kind of a Charlie’s Angels ending.  So people expect a sequal... So if your thinkin’ of seeing it.. or maybe not... I suggest go for it.. cause it won't be the same at home on DVD... So In conclusion... out of 5 stars... i give it a 4.... So go see it.. thank you

...Everyones fav... SEAN RILEY Ciao

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