Here we have two of the latest innovations in the digital camera world: the Canon EOS 10D prosumer level, and the Pentax *ist D (what’s with these unpronouncable names?). What makes these cameras special is that they use interchangeable lenses, while added superior capture features, thus making them more suitable for pros, but at a price that’s not nuts (the price of the new Kodak 14n, for example, a 14 MP camera, is $4000 US).

Pentax *ist D
6.1 MP
11 point AutoFocus
2.7 frames/second
K-mount lenses
No price yet; August

Canon EOS 10D
6.3 MP
7 point AutoFocus
3 frames/second
Canon EF lens mount
$1500 US; Now














The Kodak DCS-14n seems to want to compete with the above two units, but I’d have to say, not at the announced price!